The Recipe to Conflict Resolution

Resolution Conflict Buttons Show Fighting Or Arbitration“I hate you.”  These are powerful words. They can ruin years of relationship development in two seconds. All the breakthroughs and trust painstakingly earned can all come to a halt. And yet what’s the alternative? Just hold it in? Let it stew and get worse as the days go by? Hatred is such a strong negative feeling and seemingly the sign of a relationship doomed for failure — disastrous if you express it and explosive if you don’t. Continue reading The Recipe to Conflict Resolution


Blame picIf someone pushed a button that released a fleet of nuclear missiles all over the United States and then quickly shot down each one saving everyone from utter destruction, would we call them a hero?  Would everyone cheer for joy at their “savior” who saved them from imminent death and destruction?  Would we appoint him as the leader of our people for his great care and love of our nation?  We’d lock him up!  The nerve of him to put us all through the horrifying traumatic experience of potentially we were all going to die!  Who cares if he stopped it?!  It’s his fault it happened! Continue reading THE BLAME GAME

Thinking Twice

orcaAfter taking my kids to pet the dolphins, kiss the sea lions, and watch the killer whales at a marine mammal theme park in Florida, I was told I have to see the documentary Blackfish.  For anyone unfamiliar with the film, it is a film that follows the history of 3 deaths associated with Tilikum, a captive killer whale, along with the history and context of other captive killer whales.  It shows sailors (with big beards and tattoos) crying over how sad it was to take the baby whales Continue reading Thinking Twice

Connecting to the Heart

The word DIsconnect on metal chain links pulling apart to symbolize separation, dissolution, divorce, or the end of a partnership

Ten of the most astounding experiences mankind has ever gone through were complete.  The climatic tenth was a confrontation with mortality itself by means of the death of the firstborn.  After an experience like this, the world has changed, especially the Jewish people, forever more.   At this point, the Jewish people have become the Untouchables!  They are on fire!  They are unstoppable!  And yet Continue reading Connecting to the Heart


Flag of Israel“Mom?  Dad?  Remember how you wanted me to love Israel and it was really important to you that I go there?  Well, now that I’m here, I do love Israel.  In fact, I’m not coming home.  I’m staying here.”  That’s what I told my parents at a ripe matured age of 16 years old halfway through my Summer youth trip to Israel.  And though not every Jewish youth has such an extreme response to their first experience in the Jewish homeland, we all become impassioned in some way.  Some of us come back wanting to learn Hebrew.  Others want to learn more about Jewish history.  Some people are compelled to explore their Judaism more seriously, and others just feel a stronger sense of Jewish identity.  This phenomena is so profound that millions of dollars have been put into getting Jewish youth to experience this encounter with their homeland.

What is this phenomena?  What happens?  Continue reading THE ORIGINAL BIRTHRIGHT TRIP

New Mindset = New Results

Happy New Year! Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year and the Day of Judgment, is coming up. And it’s kind of a funny day. No, being judged for the year is not so funny. But if you look at our customs for the day, you’ve got to wonder what’s going on! We have these huge festive meals on the Day of Judgment. Yes, we’re Jews and any excuse we can come up with, we eat. But it’s Judgment Day! What’s with the 5 course meals? And you would think on Judgment Day we’re going to have a real heart-to-heart conversation with our Creator about all the things we’ve done wrong and how we’re going to change this year. I dare you to go look for that in the prayer book. You won’t find it! It’s actually forbidden to talk about our sins on Rosh Hashana! What’s up with that? We’re trying to pull a fast one on the Almighty as if it never happened? And what’s with the shofar blast? It’s a cry? A coronation? What’s the connection to Rosh Hashana? Continue reading New Mindset = New Results

Treasuring the Moment

If you thought “The Cat’s in the Cradle” was heart wrenching when you were single, try thinking about it when you’re a Dad!  No, I don’t mean Little Boy Blue and the Man on the Moon.  I’m talking about that boy (who we all can relate to) who missed out on those moments with his father, and the father (who we can also all relate to!) missing out on those moments with his son.  Life goes by so fast.  And there’s so much going on!  We all have to fess up to the truth.  It’s really hard to catch those special moments in life!   Continue reading Treasuring the Moment

A Happy Life

smilyMy son and I have reached a new milestone.  We can learn together!  I’m not referring to math or science.  I’m talking about Torah study!   We open up the Torah together start reading and, here comes the best part, we start blasting questions left and right at each other!  Why did Moses say that?  Why did the people respond this way?  Isn’t that an extra word?  What’s the Torah trying to teach us with this verse?  And we start to make a list of our questions together.  Continue reading A Happy Life

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